Following a conversation with Ben at Pegg Estates, OrbitBay was able to offer and deliver three tailored multiservice packages in January 2021. These assisted with their marketing content for Property sales, showcasing properties in ways uncaptured by ground level photography.

​We have put together a full video package for each property when it has gone to market, gaining ground and aerial footage to highlight the property estate, multistorey sites and neighbourhood views. These additionally capture 360 degree views highlighting the key elements of what each property has to offer. Our creative content has added invaluable insight into properties features, unseen through traditional property adverts.

All footage was put together in our studio and delivered back the next day ready for marketing purposes. This included High Res 4K images of each property, 4K Video shots, with each property having a bespoke video created and an aerial land border shot.

OrbitBay has thoroughly enjoyed seeing these properties go to market with our footage alongside the property listing. We congratulate our client for astounding property sale results, with their properties going under offer soon after listing!

We offer this service to all Estate Agents for Lettings and Sales, with multiple package options along with bespoke packages. We also work with private homeowners who want to get those special shots of their properties for private sale or personal photo collections.

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